Craig and Irlande’s Wedding at The Lodge at Little Seneca

They have always been committed to each other but marriage to them is just the cherry on top. They made their ceremony so beautiful, funny and full of happy tears.

Congrats to Craig and Irlande for making their wedding day unforgettable <3

Their Love Story

Craig: We met many years ago while working for the same company. I would see her in passing in the halls and in the cafeteria. I would just watch her walk and wonder who she was – what her story was. I thought she was gorgeous. Finally our paths crossed during lunch with a group of friends. Not only was she beautiful, but I saw she loved having fun and laughing. Very down to earth. We would have small conversations each time we saw each other after that. Her smile was infectious.

Irlande: It was really cool to see Craig join the lunch crew. He was so quiet and kept to himself. I finally got to see him loosen up – a little. He was actually a funny guy, tall and handsome too!

Craig: So after these little conversations, I finally got the nerve to ask her out. But guess what, she turned me down. I guess a workplace romance wasn’t the best thing for her or both of us. This happened a few more times. I knew soon my time at the company would end and I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore – I had to make this happen soon. Finally after more days of small talk, her visiting my cube, and me stopping by her cube to say hello, I asked her one last time. This time she agreed. I was sooo excited. Once I left the company we continued to spend time getting to know each other better. As long as I kept her smiling and laughing I knew our friendship would last. With all her smiles, laughter, compassion and her huge heart, I couldn’t help but to fall deeply in love with her! What she didn’t know was she had my heart since seeing her beautiful smile – the first time! Irlande: I can’t believe he asked me out. I wasn’t ready to date anyone. I wanted time to myself, but he wasn’t hearing me – so persistent. It’s a good thing that I did say yes, because otherwise I wouldn’t have ever known the sum of our total goofiness!! We are actually made for each other. It’s been fun times, lots of laughter and plenty of jokes between us ever since she said “YES”…but most importantly…lots of Love! The Proposal I WANT TO KEEP YOU LAUGHING FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE…

Irlande: The proposal happened during dinner on the anniversary of our first date; having fun, cracking jokes with our server and reminiscing on our relationship with how far we’ve come. I didn’t expect any more surprises other than the gifts that he had spoiled me with earlier and having an awesome dinner with my love. Although, I did notice that he was a tad bit serious than usual.

Craig: I planned the evening at a table where I would have her complete attention. I had the street view from where we sat and Irlande was facing me. In the midst of talking and joking, I said, “Oh, what’s happening outside?” So she turns around to look and turned back looking back at me rather puzzled. I said, “Can’t you see?” So she turned around again to look and when she turned back this time, I had the ring box opened. I asked her if she would allow me to continue to make her laugh for the rest of my life, and she said “YES”…

Irlande: I was in total shock when I turned around and Craig had the ring box opened! I must’ve have asked him “Are you kidding me right now?” like three times – in my Jersey accent!! The server was in on it too because she came right up with two flutes of champagne.

Craig: I simply love and admire this woman for who she is, all she is and for having a big enough heart to include me in it. I am the luckiest guy to have a real life Wonder Woman by my side.

Irlande: I am so happy that I opened my heart to this man. He has been the most generous, loving, understanding, supportive, patient and the best partner this woman could have ever asked for. He has such a wonderful heart – one that not only loves me, but loves my two care packages just the same. We couldn’t have dreamed for a more loving and cohesive family unit. I love this man beyond words can express. It’s rare to meet someone who “really gets you.” There’s nothing more to life than to have that right person by your side and wanting nothing less than the best for you. That’s Us ♥

Venue : The Lodge at Little Seneca Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Sera Bella Events Make up by: Phenomenal Faces Dress: Ellis Bridals Groomsmen and Groom Attire: Men’s Wearhouse Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie Catering: Stone Soup Catering Cake: Custom Cake Design DJ: Chris Styles Djs

October 5, 2019

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